How I Wish Everyone Advertised Public Transportation

How do you get people to ride the bus? Make the bus seem awesome. Continue reading


Designed to Fail: How Public Trans Can Become Cool Again

I recently came across an article featured on The Mother Nature Network. This article outlined reasons why public transportation is so lacking in North America. Rather than blaming the sprawling cities or the fact that every ‘American Dream’ includes a Mustang convertable, the author, Chris Turner, illustrates that funding creates America’s transportation identity. Continue reading

Want to Lose Some Money? Build a Highway

Tanya Snyder of the DC Streets blog posted an article last year detailing the inefficient cost of highways.

Road construction has sucked $600 billion out of America’s public purse since the dawn of the interstate system.

User fees associated with driving are supposed to cover the cost of road construction. This includes tolls paid, and the tax paid on gas. One of the main problems is that this gas tax hasnt been paid much attention.

Gas taxes haven’t risen to accommodate more fuel efficient cars or even for plain old inflation. Nor have they compensated for the fact that driving is declining, meaning less gas consumption (but, puzzlingly, not less road-building).

Furthermore, think about the external costs that can occur with an increased number of cars on the road. Accidents, drunk driving, and environmental public health issues are all byproducts of a car-centric transportation system.


People will think twice before saying roads pay for themselves when the numbers say they don’t.

A Cleaner Horizon: The Return of the Los Angeles Streetcar

I recently came across a youtube video which was an excerpt of Stephen Talbot’s “Heartbest of America.” In this video, a story is told about Los Angeles in the 1940’s and 1950’s. During this time, LA had a comprehensive and fully functional streetcar system. Car manufacturers General Motors and tire-makers Firestone set to destroy this intricate public transportation system Continue reading